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I received your letter dated

the 31st August in which you say

you su??? I have forgotten that

I have a Son named William residing

in America as you have not received

any answer to the letter which you

wrote to me last March. You must

not attribute my silence to neglect

.. ..... for a moment that I have

forgotten you or your family but the

fact is I had not the least idea

??? so long since I had written to

you and I have had so many letters

to write to Gurnsey and London on

account of my Brother's affairs which

which I have been ??????ouring to brinig to

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a conclusion for these last 4 years

and have not yet succeeded in doing

so, that I am quite sick and tired of

writing. M Gallienne gives me a great

deal of trouble my poor Brother is irre-

-trievably reci?? through him, not

having managed his adffairs proper-

ly. I have been obliged to sanction the

selling and as ? ? ?? of all the

property which he possessed in the

funds ?? ? to pay his debts and to

??? the little that will ?????

into a life  ? or ?

for ? the houses are taken for the

rents which are due on them and

there is nothing left to repay me

what is owed to me so I cannot ?

?, so much for Mr Gallienne's ??

????? . I have been obliged to take

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a lawyer in Guernsey to act for me

otherwise the affairs would never

come to a close and the longer they

are delayed the worrse it would be

for my Brother. You say the times

are bad in America with respect

to money matters they cannot be

worse than they have been in Europe

the whole of this year on account

of the War it will be some time

before Austria recovers itself in-

deed all the money is so low that

one loses considerably on a Bill and

every thing is so dear that those who

have only a small ...... can

hardly make both ends of the year

meet? things have more than dou-

-bled in price since you were

here. Frank I regret to say has been

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laid up for 5 weeks with a Gastrolle

from no doubt brought on through an-

-xiety of which Antonia being always

in the same state and no likelihood

of ever getting better she is not able

to do or see to everything in her house

it is all left to the mery of a young

girl it is a sad thing, I wish he had

remained in Bennewitz where he

was doing well .. not have ---

-thiesse of himself with this large

Estate Reinicke was the one who per-

-suaded him to do it, God grant it

may not turn to be his ruin it makes

me very anxious especially as Antonia is

not in a state to look after anything and

I cannot af??? him not being able to

leave. Annette he wishes ?? to go and live

with him but the ??? is quite im-

-possible with such an invalid

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???? Brother. I must now conclude as I wish to write a few lines

to Annis. Ernestine & Annette write with affecte love

to you and believe me to be

             Your affectte attached Mother

             H.P. d'Eberstein

Röschen? desires to be

remembered to you

Dr Schulze

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